Saturday, September 29, 2012

Balitaan sa Aloha's Services

Balitaan sa Aloha of Lolly Acosta is not just a forum for the media and press people. As a veteran journalist and President of the NAIA Press Corps, Incorporated (NPCI), Acosta supports different advocacy campaigns as her social responsibility and gives advises to different groups and associations in their advocacy drive and fund raising activities. Acosta already received numerous citations in her more than a decade of work as a journalist cited and given numerous awards supporting different endeavors not only by the private sector, but by the different government  agencies as well. 

(Lolly Acosta with BID Commissioner Ricard David, Jr. and Secretary of Justice Leila Delima) 

Among others, she was awarded by the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID) in 2011 for her active participation in helping the Bureau eradicate human trafficking in the country. Acosta is also actively involved in advocating for the rights of Filipino Migrant Workers worldwide. As President of NPCI, Acosta entertains foreign dignitaries, celebrities, media practitioners as well as government officials and local celebrities the moment they arrive and departs the country.